paving in California

“Pavers, pavers, pavers and pavers”. Pavers don’t get old no matter how many times you say them or step on them.

Pavers not only look nice but they make an excellent choice for a drought tolerant landscape. An alternative to concrete, pavers are just durable and you can look forward to less cracking and splitting over time.  

When I installed my first pavers in my Los Angeles property, I was skeptical about the sun bleaching and fading I thought California heat would cause. I also figured my pavers would slide and move around from my BBQing, frequent guests and the neighborhood kids that would come over daily. Well, 6 years later I still get compliments on my pavers.  

If you’re thinking about concrete but would like something that stands out and can offer a unique aesthetic, than paving your floors may just be the solution for you. Pavers come in different colors and designs. At CaliPavers, they have a design team that will meet with you to discuss your project in detail and let you know of the many options for layouts and color.  

You’ll be left with the paving design of your dreams and an often jaw-dropping aesthetic.