PAVER INSTALLATION: All You Need to Know About Paver Installation

Are you thinking of getting patio pavers installed? As is usual with any home improvement project, you might have a lot of questions.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most common facts that will help you learn more about pavers before hiring a contractor.

Patio Pavers

Even though most people only think of concrete pavers when considering paver installation, pavers can also be made of porcelain tile or natural stone.

Concrete pavers are the most popular due to their durability and resilience. They are made from cement, sand, gravel, and a coloring dye. All these ingredients are mixed together before getting pressed into the final shape.

You may have seen that some pavers look ‘smoother’ while some look more ‘rustic’. These types of differences are achieved by using different proportions of the ingredients mentioned above.

Can patio pavers be used for driveways?

Of course, they can! Pavers are designed to hold up to heavy foot, as well as vehicle traffic, on driveways. In order to make sure the pavers don’t dip under the weight of your vehicle, they need to be installed correctly with a proper base layer.

That’s why you need reliable paver installers to do a quality job!

Is it necessary to seal the patio pavers?

Since patio pavers are made of concrete, you don’t need to seal them. But you should note that sealing the pavers comes with a lot of benefits. For example, some sealants can give your pavers a shiny ‘wet’ look by enhancing their color.

Also, if you want to prevent stains on your pavers from grill grease, rusting furniture, oil and liquid spills, then sealants are a good idea.

How much do pavers cost?

Price is one of the biggest factors for homeowners when they are considering installing patio pavers. Depending on the paver style you want, the price can vary a lot. Typically, pavers can cost between $3-$10 per square foot.

The paver installation expenses also include prepping the surface, demolition, laying the pavers in your preferred design, and the final landscaping.

We recommend getting a professional estimate if you want to get an idea about how much your project will cost. Every paver installation project is different and there are several variables involved. It’s not necessary that your patio paver project will cost the same as that of your neighbor’s.

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