Patio Paving Ideas

Are you considering paving your patio? There are so many prolific options available when it comes to patio pavers in Los Angeles but sometimes, it can get difficult to know where to start.

Read on to learn more about patio paving ideas which are trending in 2019.

Patio options for homeowners in Los Angeles

You can choose from a wide range of options for patio pavers in Los Angeles, including:

Paving stones

Paving stones are easy to install and replace, and they can handle high-traffic without damaging.

If you love the look of stone, these options are available in multiple patterns and colors. Also, paving stones don’t crack, chip, or flake easily and can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Concrete pavers

These can be arranged into several different designs, colors, and patterns. Concrete pavers are not only highly durable but also super low-maintenance. These pavers are incredibly strong and can withstand almost any kind of damage from sunlight and extreme weather.

Landscaping rocks

Gravel, stones, and rocks can look stunning when you use them to complement your patio surface. These have a knack for adding a natural element to your outdoor living space while still being completely functional.


If you want your patio to sport an earthy and organic look, flagstones might be a good option for you. They come in shades of brown, red, and gray and you can choose from a variety of stones like sandstone, limestone, or slate. Flagstone surfaces are probably the most durable option in this list.

Ideas for patio paving in Los Angeles

Unique shapes

We recommend arranging your patio pavers in a way so as to create captivating shapes that liven up your entire outdoor space. Depending on the complexity of the design, you may need more than one type of patio pavers.

Paved steps

If you have a more uniformed look in your mind, you may consider paving the steps/stairs to your front door with the same tiles used for the rest of your patio.

It doesn’t mean you have to follow an exact pattern or color; even the same patio pavers can add diversity to your space.

Irregular path

You may not want to pave your whole patio but just create a single path from your front door to the outdoor seating area.

In addition to creating an irregular path, you can also choose to place the pavers at a certain distance from one another. Then plant a small ground plant or gravel to fill up the remaining spaces.

Paved seating area

How about using the patio pavers to cover your outdoor seating area? If you don’t have enough space on your patio to bring some chairs and a table, you can create a small, cozy seating area.

Whether it is a bench-like seating space or a circular seating area, a small paved patio can transform the entire space. The end result can be a beautiful seating area that doesn’t take a lot of space (in case you don’t have a lot of space to spare).

Consult with Cali Pavers for Custom Patio Paving in Los Angeles

We work with our customers to choose the exact shape, size, and color of patio pavers to match their taste and style.

Call us at (858) 797-8959 or drop us a message here for your dream outdoor space and our experts will help you get a patio that’s stylish and functional yet very affordable.

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